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Saying something 'ist kreig' means it is extreme, or 'cool' in a black-metal-fan sort of way. Black metal fans often use it jokingly if they are talking about something that is far from extreme or cool in a black-metal-fan sort of way.
1# Immolating monks ist kreig.

2# Guy 1: what the fuck? Why did you buy a rabbit?
gUY 2: Snowy the Rabbit ist kreig.
by jhewgfr April 25, 2006
"is lame". Popular within the geriatric community.

A play on the German "is krieg" a derivative of "war" which means "it's cool"; however the alternate spelling creates new meaning.
"We're having schnitzel again tonight? Ist kreig."
by BaronVonZeppelin March 18, 2009