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"Ish" is used as a stand-in for "sort of" and "kind of," often tacked on to the end of a statement.
How was the opera?

It was good. Ish.

Did you like the sweater your Aunt Marcy knitted for you?

Eh..... ish.
by Sylvia J. Wei December 26, 2004
Plus or minus 15 minutes.
Lets go to chow at about 6-ish. Actually it could be 545 or 615.
by 540man September 09, 2009
What remains on a plate, serving or dinner, or fast food wrappings after eating a sloppy meal. (i.e. pizza, tacos, burritos, chiminichangas, sloppy joes, etc)
"Hey man, Josh always claims the ish for his last slice of pizza. I wouldn't grab that if I were you; or be prepared to indian leg wrestle over it."
by Kurt 8 Keiner January 29, 2009
A polite way to say "Shit"
Oh, Ish!!!
by MissMimi August 25, 2008
Used to lower the meaning of the word.
"Dude, that poster is small!"
"Nah, it's only small-ish."
by H.M. Switz May 24, 2008
A new relationship status called an "ish," falls between a friend with benefits and a boyfriend/girlfriend. When you are in an "ish," you have the pros of the friend with benefits as well as those of a boyfriend/girlfriend status because you receive the sexual attention you want as well as having someone care for you platonically. A noteworthy difference between a true relationship and an "ish" is that in an "ish," there is no exclusivity. In a relationship exclusivity is assumed, while in an "ish" it is up for discussion.
1) We're not going out, but it's more than just hooking up; I'd say we're an ish.
2) Sean: "so me and Cait broke up"

Nishant: "The fuck are you talking about. You weren't together"

Shelley: "They were just ishes"
by seanrocks August 22, 2010
a word that can substitute any word in a sentence and when used in a certain way can make a non-dirty sentence dirty.
Person 1: stop ishing urself!
Person 2: i cant help it i just love to ish
by Sammeh123 May 02, 2010
Another name for a person's boo, or someone their interested in. Not a girlfriend/boyfriend but the stages before that.
You and your ish are so cute! When are you gonna start going out?
by moshamoot December 31, 2008