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A very small penis. A baby corn. A baby dick. A bottle cap. A Cocktail Weiner.
I was born in Boston, Mass which is perhaps the only state in the Union where being stricken by The Irish Curse is not unusual.
-- from Martin Casella's Off-Broadway play, THE IRISH CURSE
by Kieran Riley March 09, 2010
1008 333
All Potatoes, No Meat!
Small Penis and large testicles
All Potatoes, No Meat!
by PDuffy June 03, 2005
990 399
The classic definition is "red nose, short hose"; i.e., the tendency of Irish men to take to alcohol and to have a smaller than average penis.
"Yes, I suffer from the Irish Curse"--uttered by a guest on the Howard Stern show's episode about small penises.
by The other Theo February 09, 2004
1072 512
The Irish Curse refers to how Irish men usually have small penises. Variations can also include drunkenness or large testes.
Unfortunately, I am a victim of the Irish Curse. My penis is only a little over four inches.
by Jeremy July 25, 2004
1146 646
A complete definition of the Irish Curse would be the combination of very small penis/very LARGE testicles.
by Sean July 14, 2003
302 347
The English, of course.
Belligerent English thugs have been the Irish curse for centuries.
by ruadhagan August 31, 2005
763 967
also known as "The Whisky Dick", the Irish Curse is the inability to maintain an erection due to excessive consumption of alcohol
Colin Farrell mentioned he had a case of the Irish curse after drinking too much one night and taking a lady home
by Datamaster General February 20, 2004
506 1029