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An Irish Catapult is a sex game which requires a rock hard, throbbing erection, a coin, and a descent woman. The man puts the coin on his erection, and with all of his cock power, he throws it into the air and flips it. If the coin lands heads up, the woman gives the man head, and if it lands face down, looks like the man is takin the dirt road home. (Anus). Do the Irish helicopter in the elevator, and out house, your son's birthday party your hot co-worker, your 12....I mean 18 year old neighbor, and why not your own step mother. Play with caution, because this game can get addicting faster than you can say "pregnant nun"!
I got head from a bad bitch named cinnamon last night while playing that sexy game, Irish Catapult.
by brasspair March 26, 2014
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