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When someone tries to make it look like they own an Ipod when they dont. An Iposer puts ipod headphones in their ears and puts the end of the wire in their pocket making it look like they are listening to an Ipod. An Iposer will ussually shake their head to make it look like they are actually listening to music.
"Nima was wearing Ipod headphones but there was nothing connected to the other side of the wire... what an Iposer!"
by Jordan Jew June 23, 2007
A person who only buys an iPod solely for the purpose of showing it off, looking "cool", or using the headphones as a fashion accessory.
Person 1: God, Max is such an iPoser.
Person 2: I know!!! I bet his iPod doesn't even have any songs on it.
by cheesyweesy December 11, 2007
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