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One who likes iPods, is extremely ignorant and uses the white and grey ipod earphones.
ipod fanboy: hey what ipod have you got?
me: nah itz a creative zen 8gb
ipod fanboy: ok then, do you have games
me: no, thats what a psp and nds is for
ipod fanboy: no you have a click \wheel?
me: no but the d-pad is way way wat better. BTW, what is you signal-to-response ratio? Mine is 97db what about you?
ipod fanboy: So, I get the ipod earphones so ha.
me: Do you use FLAC?
ipod fanboy: whats that.
me:Hey you have the ipod classic aye
ipod fanboy: the 160gb
me: hey, play a tone on your ipod of 22.1hz
ipod fanboy: are what the hell is wron with it! arrghhh it ssooo loud!!!
by omg42 April 16, 2008

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