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In-troll-ect: A clever cousin of the ubiquitious internet "troll". They, however, differ in content distribution. The typical troll wants to cause disruption; an introllect will cause disruption while simultaneously making intelligible arguments that conjure up validity which, in turn, makes the original person(s)n accusing of said trolling change his views on the topic, overall. The introllect is crafty and quick witted and WILL always have an opposing view to your own view. His main objective is to change the perception of which you've become fixated on.
Person 1: This guy on the internet just said that the iPhone "was" the best smartphone, but he is making a compelling argument and I think I'm agreeing with him. I have no idea why.

Person 2: Hey, you just came in contact with one of them INTROLLECTS, don't stare at his words, bro!

Person 1: I don't want my iPhone anymore...

Person 2: Dammit, I told you!!!
by Ducati Lou January 21, 2013
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