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Angry theist who trolls internet sites denouncing proven scientific facts, Theist internet troll who demonstrates a basic ignorance of reason; Theist internet troll who is ignorant of science and logic while claiming strong adherence to the same; Theist who contradicts themselves through poor reasoning, especially one who exhibits hypocrisy.
Matthew Bell (an internet theist)
Most internet atheists are lemming bullies. They seek out easy opposition such as fundamentalists or Young Earth Creationists then think they have achieved something of note by defeating them with the evidence. However, when faced with the challenge of informed theists they go into group-think personal attack, avoidance and excuse mode for not engaging with them. The reason is because they know that they cannot rationally defend atheism nor refute theism against such informed opposition. It is intellectual cowardice and to the shame of such individuals.
by Militant Atheist 1 September 27, 2013

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