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An internet-personality archetype of a person who is easily baited by trolls. Typically the internet ninny will be well convinced of his or her own bad-assery, yet the moment that someone comes along with the black sense of humor the internet requires of its citizens, they come unglued. The internet ninny is notorious for dramatic textual outbursts even in reaction to obviously fabricated insults about their real life status, family, appearance or gaming skill. The internet ninny will also, more often than not, attempt to rally other ninnies or the equally dreaded internet white-knight to come to his/her defense.

The internet ninny is incapable of bowing out of any argument, no matter how trivial, unless they do so in a dramatic fashion that they expect will inspire guilt or support from other denizens of the interwebs.

A common argument for the internet ninny is "Some things are too sacred to be made fun of" and "he really hurt my feelings." Neither is true, but the internet ninny loves to bullshit.

Internet ninnies are masters of TMI in regards to personal matters which typically bear no relevance to the discussion - due to the fact that it is on the internet - and land where nothing should be taken seriously - for one, and furthermore because no one really cares.
This will take place between two almost-strangers:

Internet troll: "Your mom has a sweet ass. I know from experience."
Internet Ninny: "My mom died three months ago and I'm still really broken up about it..."
by GirlParachronism September 18, 2009
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