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A form of armchair expert who gains all their knowledge from the internet and then enlightens others on social media. The accuracy of their source information may be suspect, their analysis and conclusions are likely flawed, but they will shout down anyone who dares to challenge their expertise in the field.
In an online discussion of tractors on a newspaper website I posted that a problem with modern tractors was that a fault with the electronics could stop them dead and require a technician with a laptop to fix. An Internet Expert informed me that it was always possible for a modern tractor to "limp home" however bad the failure "in his experience".

I pointed out that I was a farmer and that for example on a Massey 5465 with Dyna 4 the gear selection is electronic, the rear hydraulics are electronic and a fault in either could strand a tractor in the middle of a field (no power or stuck anchored to the ground by a harrow or plough). The Internet Expert went very quiet!
by fubarderby October 14, 2014
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