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Someone who is internet is far from cool in real life. And I don't mean that they are nerds that people have actually heard of I mean those inbetween kids that you see in the hall and wonder if they're new, when you've seen them before and have went to school with them for 5 years. They go into chatrooms with retardly random names that are nothing like their real names to trick people into thinking they are clever. They make lots of e-friends by seeming to be nice/normal at first but then use the power of their internet popularity to be a total dick. Most people stick by the internet cool person to appear internet cool aswell. The internet cool person then becomes a total smartass to everyone and they all make internet inside jokes and get on the computer whenever they can.
They mostly always say things like:
Ohai, Lulz, Bai, Kthxbai, Guise, etc.
internet cool person: ohaiguise.
normal person: wtf.
by fgtftw September 11, 2008
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