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1. One of the top schools in America; utilizes (and enforces) the IB programme. IA's ranking often shifts, but throughout time, it had reached the #1 high school in America.

2. This school also suffers from several building issues. The teachers are pretty decent, however.

3. Muslims, Asians, & Indians = 90%
Whites = 10% (including teachers)

4. A place where the only pregnant people are the teachers.

5. IA also has the tech center, in which students on the Robotics team can undoubtfully be seen with their trademark green & yellow sweatshirts.

IA 1: ZOMG!!! i have so many vocab words. Ahhh liEk teh pwnzors 9th grade bio is owning me
IA 2: STFU NOOB. I have a math internal assessment, physics planning lab, and a TOK prescribed title due.
Home High School 1: wait what? what's the international academy?
by bananie09 January 17, 2007
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1. a school that puts you through hell

2. a school where the teachers all team up to make students do unnecessary work and decide to have 3 projects and 2 tests in the same week

3. we hate it, but we love it
1. Meg: hi guys, i go to international academy

Jamie: oh. RIP.

2. internal assessments, IB courses, HL test, enrichments, regular hw...

3. </3 .... <3
by FM(educational)L September 18, 2011

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