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A fart produced from the pressure due to holding a fart in for an excessive period of time. Makes the sound g'burgle. Sensations include feeling like your stomach will explode and extreme bloating. Always occurs in the presence of others.
The internal fart erupting in my entrails caused my face to turn red.
by bra bandit October 23, 2005
when you hold a fart for too long, and it finally pops inside your body before seeking its way outside. and after some time it slowly seeks out of your anus with a decayed smell that smells like old fart. (eg, could be the smell of a dead animal thast been dead for ages but still has not been cleaned up..)
david says: oh damn, i just had an internal fart
kevin *faints*
by k-dawg November 11, 2004
A fart that is denied acces into the world so in retaliation it runs back into your colon screaming,"I hate you!"
We know this diolouge as the sound of an internal fart.
As a fart tried to slip past my anus I refused to let it fly. It then turned into an internal fart.
by Fart Connoisseur November 19, 2013
a fart held too long that goes back up ur ass, up ur spine, into your brain and gives you shitty thoughts.
internal farting is a good way to improve shitty ideas!
by d~Ch0seN1 April 10, 2006
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