(1) A temporary worker who is employed to gain experiance/education rather than money.
(2) Bill's gal.
"The only thing Clinton ever fell off of was an intern."
by Cunjo July 23, 2004
An extremely gorgeous college or university student in their 20's who usually works for no pay between semesters in order to gain more experience. Their job is to fill in hours where most people would not.
"Hey, you're in college. You'll do work that no one else wants to do, as long is it's for credit. Wanna be an intern this summer?"
"Sure, can I get paid?"
"No, of course not, you're an intern."
#worker #apprentice #student #resident #immure
by BDGRhockey August 20, 2011
An intern is a girl who takes the place of the girlfriend in a long-term relationship when said relationship is on hold.
hey scott, i dont think im getting back together with my girlfriend for like 6 months, im gonna need an intern.
#adulterer #girlfriend antonym #swinger #free-lover #infidel
by irishwarlord December 11, 2007
Testing derivations of internet, externet, extensec for brief internship.
That intern is in ship shape for the internship.
#etsting #derivations #internet #externet #extensec
by Hercolena Oliver May 16, 2008
An intern is something a young college does, usally in the summer between semesters, to gain experience.
I asked Lexia the following question. "How about I eat your pussy, and intern, you suck my cock.
by Trim April 19, 2005
A person who puts cigars in their pussy in order to avoid having to rearrange the files next summer.
I'm getting really sick of looking at the same saggy old broads in the office. Let's hire some young, big-titted interns and fuck them - don't worry, nobody will find out.
by CKFun April 07, 2004
someone, preferably a girl, who sucks the Bobo.
Maria is his intern.

"Xavier! Come do your duty as an intern!"
by Jack Daniels March 12, 2005
An extremely gorgeous college or university student in their 20's who you would want nothing more than to have sex with. Also see HOT
There is a certain 23 year old intern I know that is such a (Hot chick) Hottie, just looking at her I get all (if girl) wet / (if guy) hard.
by Rosy April 19, 2003
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