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Interbecome is a verb that expresses the vast, interrelated dynamism of coming to be, or mutual becoming, which characterizes reality as it is. Everything has a definite (though always new), emerging, evolving, and changing relationship with every other thing in the entire cosmos. This is a technical term that describes the interdependent co-arising of all phenomena, or in the words of the Buddha, 'When this exists, that comes to be, with the arising of this, that arises. When this does not exist, that does not come to be, with the cessation of this, that ceases.'

There is no such thing as anything that is disconnected from everything else, and there is no such thing in the universe (including the universe!) that is the same in two consecutive moments. If being (or interbeing) means anything, it means that we mutually become, we interbecome (inter-become). (NOTE: Interbecome is a replacement word for Thich Nhat Hanh's interbe because the latter, containing the root word 'to be.' implies too static an understanding of reality.)
Your future and my future interbecome (inter-become) together.

The lives of mother and child interbecome (inter-become) in sublime and sometimes difficult ways.
by Neologian-PJG November 02, 2011

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