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Peer 2 Peer filesharing forum and community discussing all things P2P. IntegrityP2P's proud members are ecclectic, intelligent, diverse, wordly, and strongly believe in p2p filesharing. The forum provides a 'safe haven' for noobs and l33ts alike.
At IP2P we support a gathering of 'like-interested' people who have made strong ties and hope to remain informed and active within the filesharing community. We offer community first and foremost, information next and prefer to test and review applications at our leisure. We are definitely a casual forum partnered with Bsmuv.com, providing live chat, a place to listen to music and opportunities to try your own hand at DJing.
by Viv December 13, 2004
8 1
Integrityp2p is a place where cool, honest, peeps hang out and share thoughts, funnies, and a whole lot of other stuff... the truth isn't out here... it's in there!
I was at Integrityp2p last night and boy was it fun!
by buttercup July 05, 2004
7 6