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Someone who looks up a word or a fact on a search engine, such as {Google}, looks at a few articles or definitions, mostly on {Wikipedia}, and decides they now know everything about it.
Person one: "Whoa. So now Jason started an argument with me about which of the American Presidents are the best and worst. Yesterday, he didn't know anything about them."

Person two: "He {Googled} them, obviously."

Person one: "you're right. He's become an instant expert."
by Astor G. February 20, 2008
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Somebody who does an internet search on a word, a religion, a person, etc., on Wikipedia and a few other sites at the top of the Google list and decides they know everything the need to in order to win their argument.
Person one: "Who, Jason just blistered me with his list of who are the best and worst American Presidents."

Person two: "Yesterday, he didn't know anything about them."

Person one: "Yeah, well, today, he's become an instant expert.
by Astor G. February 20, 2008

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