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any entry put onto a forum/social network which is only understood by certain members/friends. it is only understood by these certain members due to a past experience or memory or the person posting and the included members and friends. it might be a direct hit on a certain person-member/friend or not-or a running inside joke between those involved.
basis for the post/entry may be for humor or as communication between select members/friends.
may also be used to put down a certain member. the post would be understood between the person posting and the targeted member only.
the post/entry may or may not have an alternative meaning or reference.
may also be used as code for communication or something illegal or otherwise not to be seen by all.

to all members seems to be a reference to a general statment related to the posters life or situation. but to those included on the inside post it is understood as a cut on a certain person and subsequent joke between them.

lemme ask you a question...
(same as seriously)
by ifyadontknownowyaknow January 22, 2011

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