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a word, phrase, acronym, emoticon, or babble appended to the end of a typed line in chat in order to make the typist feel that he has decreased the severity or conviction of what he typed. often used by an insecure person who wishes to test the waters of what he is saying without appearing serious and committed to it.
Pete: "Robert's a loser, haha."
John: "What? Robert's awesome."
Pete: "Oh, I know, man!"

Pete: "I hate Robert, asdkfjadsf."
John: "Robert's a great guy."
Pete: "Oh yeah, I agree."

Pete: "Robert's gay ;x"
John: "Dude, he's definitely straight."
Pete: "I was just kidding, bro. I know he's straight."

Pete: "Why does Robert act so stupid? lol."
John: "Actually, I think he usually acts pretty intelligently."
Pete: "Oh, my tone was meant to imply that I meant the opposite of what I was saying. Irony, you know? You just didn't catch it."
John: "Right... can you stop trying to use the insecurity indicator on me? It's an obvious indicator that you're insecure."
by joelj April 04, 2009
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