Expressing agreement or conformity within a chav community. Also used as a comparitive phrase or additional word trailing the sentence.
innit bruv
good stuff innit
your mother innit

by Parallax July 03, 2003
slang for 'isn't it'
other words include:
dunnit (doesn't it)
wannit (wasn't it)

these words are used by individuals who use all three brain cells to create speech that in virtually incoherent.
Townie 1: Fuck, innit.
Townie 2: Innit
by someone else (again) May 04, 2005
Word used by chavs/pikeys/townies/muggers and of course the 15 year old teenage boy, walking through the baby section in mothercare.
Means "isn't it" well thet's the theory. Of course it's general usage is for "yes, i agree!" or "That's exactly what that private school kid said to me!"
1: ey man! that kid'as all ova' me!
2: ya mon, da kid is noots!
1: Innit blad 'e was so like in ya face 'n' all dat
2: ya mon, an'e knows dat he He' well bangt up for it lata!
1: innit man dat woman's got an 'an'bag!
2: roon!
by Gabbbzzz January 27, 2009
coming from downtown england, this word can be a noun, verb or adjective. The original meaning was 'isn't it' or anything along those lines but has now become just a fill-in word to make a sentence confusing and/or have zero meaning.
1."yo chekd out ma bling bling innit"
2."what yous lookin at innit?!"
by annamariaaaa April 08, 2008
- A coloquial tag question, used in the same context of the french 'nes pa?'.
- It is used by youths and that of chav elders, to determine wether their interlocutor is acknowleging they are speaking.
- also used as a 'blend' (two words made as one e.g. internet) of the word isn't (made up of the words verb. is and the archeic adverb. not) and the colloquial noun it.
- often used as a instinctual mating call of the chav breed.
"good, innit?"
"sound man innit?"
"innit bab"
by jeff bean January 20, 2006
A word that is used at the end of sentences to provoke a response from the audience.
Shane's got that new Nokia phone, innit?
EastEnders was wicked tonight, innit?
. . . and then she fell on her arse. That was well funny, innit?
by Sarah K June 18, 2005
1. Shortening of the two words 'isn't it'

2. An irritating and totally meaningless word that uneducated youths or asians add to the end of a sentence, implying that the few words they have managed to string together is actually meant as a question, regardless of whether it is or not.
1. It's a nice day innit?

2. Me got a new pair of reeboks innit?
by kingink June 17, 2005
innit..something to make chavs sound chavish...
innit startin'?..he is innit

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