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The process of adding the suffix "ing" to a word (noun, adjective, verb, etc.) to make it into a verb in present continuous tense.
Prescriptivists don't enjoy the inging of nouns such as facebook into verbs such as facebooking. It drives them nuts.
by theFallingJack December 15, 2010
To excessively add the suffix "ing" to words that do not require it and/or to words in succession of each other.
Stop Inging at me.

No tongue-sticking-outting!!
by avecess July 27, 2011
Pretending to sing to a song that you really don't know the words to.
Inging is like repeating "WATERMELON WATERMELON WATERMELON WATERMELON WATERMELON" or other such words to make it look like you are singing various words in order to impress your friends.
by EmifreeRigbyZ October 14, 2009
An adjective describing undescribable joy or worth. Something heavenly or beyond Godliness.


An adjective describing tedium, bordom, or undescribable hell.

It stems from the common adjective ending of "-ing" and is simply repeated but said differently. A dragged accent is spoken on the first "ing" rather than the second. Normally when spoken, there is a pause prior to the word. When written, an elipses comes before it. Use it cautiously.
Damn this term paper! It's just!

What a great term paper! It's just!
by Brian May 05, 2004
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