A poor combination of the words "indeed" and "dirty." The word contains the letter "u" regardless of the fact that there is no letter "u" present in the word "indeed" or "dirty." Created by two posers who live in what could only be described as the outskirts of Orange County.
"That skanky girl is a hoe."
by Pincent Vhamvan April 01, 2005
Top Definition
A combination of the words "indeed" and "dirty." Used to expresss yourself when neither word is adequate, but both are appropriate. Coined by Jelly and X in Santa Monica, CA.
Your friend tells you he got dumped by his girlfriend. "Indurt." Indeed, because you are listening to him and acknowledging that you can do nothing about the situation. Dirty, becuase it's pretty dirty that your friend got dumped.
by Jonathan Lee February 21, 2005
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