1. Music released on an independent label
2. Any music slightly left of mainstream
3. Not always about lost love, sometimes about Christmas in Zoos and other things often seen while smoking funny stuff
"Yeah, Im into Indie"
"You don't look it"
"Do I have to?"
by Melchett May 02, 2004
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Indie, short for independant, applies to independant media, usually film or documentary and is also, more commonly, applied to a sub-culture (not a label) which involves generally music, behaviour (and in a few cases, style of dress). These people are also referd to as Indie Kids or Indie Rockers, of which most dislike these terms as it labels them in a certian group, which the the opposite object of independant! Most dislike the mainstream and the 'in-trend' and wear, listen to and do what they feel like without following fasions and rules (and im not talking about the law, Indies are just as likely to break the law as anyone else) and will always be themselvs and not put on an act for popularities sake. Obviously Indie is also a type of music which is generally soft-style rock without screaming or moshing sometime mixed with synthisised music and electronic, and is also generally on a independant record label and not well known. Altough indie is not a label it does have all sorts of connections to other groups and indie is commonly assocatied as a type of rocker, Indies, along with most other rockers, are at a long lasting 'social war' with chavs and scallies and contrary to popular belief are not in a long lasting rivalary towards Emo or sometimes Metalheads. There are also Indie wanabees and posers which are not themselvs and just act it!
Just remember people... Indie is not a label, group or class!
Emo - Ohh I really like that shirt but im Emo and people will get the wrong idea and not think im emo! *Cries*
Indie - Ohh I really like that shirt, whay only £4! Im gettin it!
Poser - But its not indie or anythin, infact its quite sporty!
Indie - Ohh shurrup! I like it, im gettin it!
by Daniel Mercer August 18, 2005
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It's so hard to be truely 'indie' these days, isn't it? Its seems every time you try not to conform, you're conforming to something else - the non-conformists! Confusing!
But the only way to be indie in a small way is to just do what YOU want, dress how you want, listen to the music you like and everybody else can bugger off. The world doesn't have to see you as cool, there are always some people who think you are.
Nothing to do with scene kids, emos or whatever the hell constitutes as 'indie' these days.

Used to describe 'individual' or unsigned bands, but also, strangely, a genre (usually rock n roll or similar) that may or may not be mainstream.
I wish I could say I am 'indie' but that is just another steryotype. I am probably not cool enough to be indie anyway.

by -carrotflowers- January 10, 2008
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A genre of music derivitive of punk, but recently has become as broad as to encompass electronica and pop, as well as rock.

FACT: Most indie bands are signed to small record labels. Notable exceptions are The Flaming Lips, and Modest Mouse.

FACT: Not all people who listen to indie have to be elitist assholes, although a few are. Such as myself.

FACT: Most indie bands are obscure, whcih makes people who listen to them feel special. Very special.

FACT: Best damn music on the market.
Kid: I just picked up the new Three Days Grace album!

Indie Kid: Wow. I just picked up some Xiu Xiu, Q and not U, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, and Joy Division.

Kid: *Awed Silence*
by tinycitiesmadeofashes April 13, 2006
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easily the best type of music ever, with stong and meaningful lyrics and a tune that doesn't make you want to cry, like Emo,
the libertines are indie
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The bad-ass-est archeologist ever! He found the holy grail, the ark of the covenant, and one of the lost shankara stones. His dad is a bearded goat with bad enunciation, but for some reason women like him. I guess they think he is cute like one of those troll dolls, not the ones with the jewel in the belly but the ones that people put on their lawns. some people call them lawn gnomes, but we know better. Indie has a whip and a gun, but sometimes he loses the gun so he has to run away. He has no scruples about bringing a gun to a sword fight. His best friend is this guy who lives in egypt and i think his name is Marsala. He had a monkey for a while, and a pet asian kid named Short n' Round, but I will not tell you what he did with him. Basically he ran around the world fighting the nazis and the pagans and stealing national treasures and heirlooms and stuff. Some king threatened to cut off his "misunderstandings" because he thought he was a grave robber or something. But I say, once something is in the ground it is fair game. Except corpses. Indie has about the same rules, though once he stole this asian guy's ancestor's remains. Then the guy poisoned him, so indie stole his woman. I think her name was charlie or something. Indie's full name is "Junior Indianna Jones," but his good friends call him Susan.

They named a genre of music after him, apparently, but I dont know anything about that.
Hey, Indie just shop lifted the poonany!

by the Mad Shatter April 28, 2005
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it's a word shortened from independent for a reason. indie isn't something you can copy or try to be and it's not supposed to be a sterotype. you can't try to dress like an indie kid because then you'll be a poser. and there's no real definition because indie is whatever everyone else isn't and whatever you are. everyone is trying to make it into a style and it's about the music anyways, and originality
"indie films are always the best, especially because no one knows about them"
by evan marie July 10, 2008
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