Paying your bills by yourself. (Cell phone is not a bill) Without welfare assistance or help from mommy or daddy. Paying your own rent, not section 8.
That girl says she's independent doin it all by herself but wait she still lives with her mom.
by Jess610 November 25, 2010
The only logical "party" in politics.
Republican: I'm going to let the poor starve!

Democrat: I'm going to make us pay taxes so the poor can survive without working at all!

Independent: STFU
by FungusCream August 07, 2011
One who does not commit him/herself all the way to one side of the political fence. One who actually reasons things out for themselves instead of hopping on the bandwagon and listening to what everybody else says.
Guy 1: Are you a republican or a democrat?
Guy 2: Neither, I'm an independent.
Guy 1: So you're just too indecisive to take a side.
Guy 2: No, I just have my own opinions on politics. I don't vote for a person just because of their political party; I actually learn about the candidates and vote for who I think would best benefit the country as a whole.
Guy 1: Oh.
by Dr. Seuss, PhD July 21, 2011
Someone who doesn't ask for help because they know it will never get done unless he or she does it themselves, its best to be Independent because then you know its going to be done right.
me: Hey Alex im in a rush, can you do me a favor and copy these papers and use each side of the paper?

Alex: yea no problem.

me: ALEX!!!! i said use each side of the paper......

Alex: oh i thought u said DON'T use each side of the paper. sorry

me: this is why my family raised me to be Independent....
by 3s3P3ngu1n0 December 17, 2010
A girl who doesn't need a man for anything, except "the good stuff".
Momma, you are I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T
by Lade1020 March 02, 2008
a positive word many people use to describe someone who is self-sufficient and doesn't need others to think or do things for them, but the person is also self-centered and keeps friendliness at an arms length.
by waspcoloredstain January 15, 2014
a prostitute who operates without a pimp.
Hi, I'm Tammy, call me for a great time! I'm 100% Independent!
by Jay Jam August 01, 2010

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