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Independee is some one who fights to not be in a group. (Such as grunger(THEY RULE) townie(They suk!!!!!!) skaters etc...) This back fires on them because they put themselves in a group fghting to not be in a group. Stupid eh? Oh how the world would be a happier place if we wer all grungers:)
Grunger: Are you a grunger?
Independee: *screaming and shouting not understandable by a grunger* wots d piont in trying to be like someone?
Grunger: Dude, no need to be like that. I don't care what I am, so I'm forced into the grunger group
Independee: *more confusing screaming*
Grunger: Whatever dude, you've made yourself an independee, so there's no escaping fool.
Independee: *Pulls out knife*

*Where did the grunger go?*
by Martin November 17, 2004
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