of a nature that does not believe or is prone to be skeptical
Due to his falling off of 17 roofs in the last three days while wearing St. Jamesmobile’s Elastic Scissor Shoes, Elizabeth was incredulous towards the rhetoric of St. Jamesmobile’s CEO Fred Peabody.
by P The D October 27, 2009
The look on an unmarried man's face when a woman he's been sleeping with comes up to him and says, "I'm having your baby."
The look on John's face was incredulous when the woman he had been having an affair with told him that she was having his child.
by Google Challange Group May 26, 2011
An incredulous person would not believe this definition.
person 1: "Don't walk off the cliff you will fall and die."
incredulous person: "I don't believe you"
by trek_mambo August 06, 2011
a combination of the words incredible and ridicuolous. contains both definitions
"that film was incrdulous"
by matthew February 14, 2005
A combination of incredible and fabulous, usually used in an insulting or sarcasting manner.
"Dude, that idea is incredulous."
by Evilboy May 29, 2003
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