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An inception blunt is a blunt... within a blunt... within a blunt... and so on.

Depending on the collective ability of the group and the dankness of the ingredients, the ratio of chillers to blunts on any given sesh should be around 5:1.

You are waiting for a blunt, a blunt that will take you far away. You know where you hope this blunt will take you, but you don't know for sure. But it doesn't matter.

Because this is an inception blunt.
We were just talking about going over to Chillbro Baggins's house to enjoy an inception blunt he's prepared for us.
by nuggggget April 12, 2011
A blunt within a blunt.
Dude that's the fattest joint I've ever seen.
You mean 'Joints'. It's an inception blunt.
by signal_runner July 16, 2011

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