theres a difference between love and being in love. you could love your family or friends or even your dog. but when you're IN LOVE, you would do anything for that person. you would do anything for them because you want to, not because you should. when you're in love you feel like nothing else in the world matters besides being with that person all of the time because they know exactly how you feel.
"i love you so much it isn't even fair. no one else even stands a chance. i really am in love with you."
by joshhhhhhhh September 02, 2007
to feel love for someone deep within the innerness of your soul
to stand by someone against all areas of daily life whether its joy or agony
to look at someone and feel a uprising in your heart, one that words cannot even decribe.
It can't explain it, but I feel don't even understand...I'm in love..
by 1020 February 05, 2007
Loving the person despite their faults, wanting to remain with them for the rest of your life.

Being in love does NOT consist of
"Brittany~N~Chris! 4 months, 2 days! -- I'm in love with Chris, but I like someone else" (Real MSN name)

It also does not consist of dating someone for 10 minutes, then posting everywhere how you love that person, or how long you've been dating.

See infatuation
Sarah: Dana, guess what!
Dana: What?
Sarah: I totally just dropped Josh and went for Luke!
Dana: That's great, Sarah!
Sarah: Yeah, well I've gotta go.

| --- Sarah has went away at X time --- |
I love Luke with all my heart! he's my one and only!
ugh, I think I'm in love.
<3 10 minutes.
by Pinch Harmonics July 24, 2006
when you always think/dream about someone and all you want to do is be with him/her and make them happy.
i'm so in love with him.
by liligha January 16, 2009
when you are absolutely crazy for someone and every second of the day you want to talk to them. theyre your everything. you never get tired of them. you love everything about them...even their flaws.
i am so in love with him that i just wanna singg!
by whydyouhavetogoandletitdie May 05, 2009
having an unbreakable bond between two
people/sharing a deep connection,
a commitment made to another person in trust,
the total surrender of your heart to another
person with the security of knowing they will
treat it better than you will.
Jared and Autumn are undoubtedly In Love

Can't you tell Autumn and Jared are completely In Love?
by yo daddyyyy May 03, 2009
In love is something beyond words and in love is not something unreal

in love is very emotional and is untouchable by anything or any one,

in love is a feeling that's unpredictable and is unbreakable,

in love just happens unexpectedly without any warnings or without you knowing and is heaven sent....
in love is only shared between two, no outsider's welcomed or allowed

in love is something that happens out of the blue, it's truely loyalty and honesty combined which makes for a perfect combination

in love is never deceitful or destructive.

in love is something that's never shared with any other but your soul mate

in love only happens once in one's lifetime and some people never experience being in love

In love is not to be confused with infactuation, infactuation is temporary whereas, in love is until death do us part
I never noticed when I fell in love with him, it just happen faster than a blink of an eye. He is the reason why I smile, he makes my life complete, I am so in love with him.
by renee patterson February 21, 2009
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