to have succeeded in reaching first base and above with a person of opposite sex.
You're in there with that bird mate
by KA August 28, 2003
Top Definition
when a person is sexually attracted to you and making advances or signals
She was in there!
by syrielmorane July 06, 2009
to have one's penis inside of a female. this can refer to having one's penis inside a female's vagina, mouth, etc.
I had a good time last night. After the party was over, I made sure I was in there, sticking it into all the girls who had followed me back to my apartment.
by OhMyGoodness November 21, 2006
People who find themselves "in there" at a party are the people that are pretty fucked up.
"Dude, you in there?"
"Oh man, I've played 13 games of beer pong, hit the beer bong twice, and just smoked two blunts. I'm totally in there."
by Enzo_Guy March 30, 2009
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