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the stage of infatuation where one is enchanted by another but not yet "in love"
She is so amazing - I am completely in like with her!
by Pumpkin Cake September 20, 2003
Analogous phrase to "in love", to describe one's feelings for a person that one is interested in romantically but not currently in love with. As one can love another as a friend but not be *in* love, so can one like another as a friend but not be *in* like.
I think I'm in like with that girl we met last week.
by Ian Maxwell July 31, 2003
like in love, but just like. mutual attraction. inlike.
Yeah we both got out of realtionships but we really inlike with each other.
by Gabriel Morales February 26, 2006
You like someone way more than just "liking" them. Its kind of like being in love, but not quite that. Its more of an in between.
Ohmigosh, Im totally inlike with him!

I think Jess is totally inlike with you.
by kevinloverr..:) December 29, 2009
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