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The way homo, ball on ball, but loving ass mongers like it... kiddy style... erahhh PENIS! BACKDOOR PENETRATION
Man, senora must really like it in da butt! She was such a douche bag today
by jesta :--> September 17, 2003
11 24
in the butt
I did her from the front, then I turned her around and got her indabutt.
by Nick D February 08, 2003
135 29
Leon Phelps' favorite word; describing the most precious part of the body located in the rear end of your body. The tunnel is wide enough to fit a semi rigid large object in it to force someone to have pleasure while screaming your guts out, due to little or no lubrication.
- What are your hobbies?
- Drinking heavy liquor and giving it Indabutt
by leon phelps March 17, 2004
78 38
an expression used to express the act of getting screwed over. or a term used to descibe girls who like getting fucked in the ass after "going on break" with their boyfriend
John:Damn, I lost my I-pod. I just got it too.

Nate:Yo, you heard bout that chick kaitlyn?
Matt: yeah i heard bout her. in da butt.

by spitmaster December 08, 2008
16 3
fucked him indabutt
he fucked him in the mouth and then he fucked him indabutt
by Ryan Kenney March 14, 2003
82 79