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adv. When in conversation with someone whose family originates from a foreign-language speaking culture (That includes English for all you Europeans, Central Americans, Asians, and Africans out there!), you can use this to not listen to the person due to lack of interest, understanding of their nature, or just general hatred.
EX 1
Jose: So, last night
Tom: WAIT! I should tell you before you begin, I'm a user of implied misinterpretation.
Jose: ....What?
Tom: Means I don't speak Mexican.
Jose: ...Hateful Ass-hat.

EX 2
Sarah: Do you understand what the professor is saying?
Tom: No clue. I don't speak Asian.
Sarah: He's talking in English.
Tom: Yea. I know.
Sarah: ???
by Grammar_Freak_17 April 17, 2008
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