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1. (noun) - The tenth level of hell, existing in the eleventh dimension, in which the string theory went horribly, HORRIBLY wrong, the devil has regular sex with other damnèd men, pigs fly, cows carry guns, Man Faye is respected for his hairy balls, and existing as a n00b is the fair equivalent of crawling naked up Omaha beach on D-Day with even your allies shooting at you, no weapon, and #irc channel lists pulling out the strings of your brain, and no Advil to kill it off. How simply inhumanistic. 2. (noun) - a place of relative peace and relaxation, a zen garden of sorts in the blistering world of the Games Urge IRC network.
"Did you see that n00b in #img last night? He got BANGED!" "What?" "OMGWTFBBQ!!!!!111 A COW A COW" "She bangs, she bangs! Oh how she ban—" "BAND!" "Oooohhhuuhhmm... harder! HARDER!!11" "What?" "STFU N00B BEFORE I KILL YOU" "What?" "stfu n00b" "What?" "Type /list, you good-for-nothing eater of hogs! I hope you suffer for eternity!"

by PMG4 April 08, 2004

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Bork-O-Rama, Fap party, a place where n00bs are scared of.

you've been pwned.
by Mt_K3 April 08, 2004
The tenth level of hell
I hear that #img is the tenth level of hell
by Gusbenz April 08, 2004