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Mexicans/ Latinos, wetbacks, illegal immigrants,
Mommy what are illegal aliens?

Well they come from Mexico and sneak across our border illegally.
They also use up our hard earned resources such as welfare they drive up the cost of medicare for every one else.

You get the picture.

Yes thank you mommy now I understand...

by John Burstein1 November 29, 2006
A term usually applied to Mexicans who cross into the southern US without having the required documents.

Some say they are "damned illegals who should be shot".

Others describe them as "people who are returning to the land which was stolen from them during the 19th century when the US deliberately, and with malice aforethought, provoked a weak Mexico into war with the intention of making a landgrab".
That illegal alien is a drug dealer.
by soreofhing July 06, 2009