Mexicans/ Latinos, wetbacks, illegal immigrants,
Mommy what are illegal aliens?

Well they come from Mexico and sneak across our border illegally.
They also use up our hard earned resources such as welfare they drive up the cost of medicare for every one else.

You get the picture.

Yes thank you mommy now I understand...

by John Burstein1 November 29, 2006
Top Definition
One who resides in the country without papers. PC term is undocumented worker. Cf. wetback, mojado.
The illegal aliens line up by the side of the road looking for casual work.
by octopod December 27, 2003
1. an illegal immigrant.

2. a criminal.

3. an individual criminally pretending to be a citizen of a nation for economic gain and/or political subterfuge in said nation, and lacks loyalty to said nation.

4. a selfish and/or cowardly person unwilling to positively change the socio-economic and political problems in his/her own country in order to benefit everyone, including him/herself, and thus runs away to another country to hide.

5. a loser.
By violating a country's immigration laws illegal aliens (illegal immigrants) prove themselves to be criminals by disrespecting the laws of the country they are trespassing into. And also by such action(s) illegal aliens (illegal immigrants) also prove that they do not believe in the rule of law.

Illegal aliens (illegal immigrants) often try to proclaim they have civil rights equal to the citizens, of the nation they have trespassed. They do not have civil rights outside of their respective countries of origin except by international treaties.

Illegal immigrants (illegal aliens) proclaim they pay income taxes to the government. They cannot do so as they do not have legitimate tax payer ids with which to do so. The tax payer ids illegal immigrants (illegal aliens) use are stolen - e.g. identity theft.
by It's not mean if it's true January 17, 2008
1) Someone who does the job you used to do for less than half the pay.

2) Someone who takes your job, then claims they are doing a job that Americans don't want to do.

3) Someone who sneaks into the country just before giving birth, so their baby can be an American citizen.
Hi Amigo, I am an illegal alien, and I just want to take your job. You can always go to school and learn to do something else. What? You don't want to go to school? You want to work with your hands? Well you better forget about that because we illegal aliens get all those jobs now, and we work really cheap, so your boss doesn't want you back.
by k woods May 18, 2008
Some people want to call them undocumented aliens but that's ridiculous.What if Al Quaeda members were coming here illegally? What then? Shall we call them undocumented aliens? Or perhaps "guest insurrectionists"??
"Oh duhhhhh - WELCOME - come on in - duhhhh!!!"
The illegal aliens coming here in the numbers that they are would be wrong even if they were doing so legally.The sheer numbers are too overwhelming and it's simply just not right.
by wiggy wiggy whack December 29, 2005
Someone who supports Barack Obama, but can't vote.
Those crazy illegal aliens are really into Barack Obama, too damn bad that can't vote...
by Harry S. Butt December 22, 2010
Mother fuckers, who need to get out of America, with all their drugs and shit. They usually speak very poor English, and don't understand a word we say. They are the reason we have have to "Click 1 for English", in an ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRY.
Person 1: Dude he just wants a life for himself and his family.
Person 2: Tell him to get a green card, and learn English, then he can be here. He's an illegal alien.
by Republican@15 October 09, 2010
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