"Russian" rapper who raps about skateboarding, his rapping, girls, coming to America. He's is rather comical although he probably doesn't think so. His English is sketchy at best and he has a Russian accent. I suggest listening to some stuff such as "Come to USA" and "I will win" where he raps about him winning and people being jealous. I laugh.
Human 1:"Yo check it I listened to Ill Mitch the other day."
Human 2:"No effin' way. He is terrible."
Human 1:"He's funny and effing awesome. Shut the eff up!"
by Molly Bestein June 07, 2005
Top Definition
- Russian Rapper. Full name is "Mitchard."

Also, his board is fast and danger
"I'm Ill Mitch, now listen to me recording, when I'm on street I'm always street boarding..."
by ill mitch fan September 23, 2005
The most entertaining rap I have listened to to date
Your momma's wack, your granny's wack, I keep a handy wipe in my fanny pack
by lindsay the gangster June 01, 2005
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