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Igpay atinlay isway away anguagelay amegay ayedplay inway eglishway eakingspay ountryscay. Itsway otway ulesray areway asway ollowedfay.

See pig latin if you can't read this.
1: Ifway away ordway eginsbay ithway away onstinentcay orway onstinentcay usterclay, aceplay ethay onstinenycay or onstinetcay usterclay atway ethay endway andway addway "AY".
2: Ifway away ordway eginsbay ithway away owelvay, adway "WAY."
Iway ovelay eakingspay igpay atinlay. Itway isway osay uchmay unfay.

I wasted so much time learning igpay atinlay that I did not use a translator to write this.
by badgerman5566 January 25, 2011