someone who is socially incapable and/or a douchebag
you are a fucking igit
by nemo August 29, 2003
Top Definition
short for idiot, generally a weak minded person. usually said with comic sensibility.
dude, you are such an igit. (after which everyone hopefully laughs.)
by jonvon November 11, 2003
Someone who is highly forgetful
Igit,someone who is highly forgetful
Many a time I call my self an igit
by Ecf012 February 23, 2015
Short of Igiot, which is just a play word for idiot.
Erin Coulsby is an igit. (actually she's an Igiot, but it's basically the same)
by RICK! March 30, 2005
a very wet shit. when someone has diarrhea the shit that comes out of him is igit.
Oh my, I ate too much bad food last night, now I am having a diarrhea and I defecate lots of igit every 10 minutes.
by Pastilan April 23, 2011
a little idiot (mixture of midget and idiot)
Dude, my little brother is SUCH an igit!
by Josh July 25, 2004
Acronym for the Ku Klux Klan...In God I Trust. Used at the end of an email or letter under your name
Sincerely yours,
by PaganKlansman June 28, 2006
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