Me and my friends and family always say to each other I Fucking Love You. I even heard it thrown around at parties and bars, even in movies.

So when chatting online having to type it out constantly was a pain so I started just typing IFLY and when someone wants to say it Back they say IFLY2.
"Hey man IFLY." "Yea dude IFLY2"
by Kemical September 10, 2013
Abbreviation for "I fucking love you"
Related to ily
her: ifly him :]
him: ifly her :]
by asdadsa April 04, 2006
i fucking love you
lauren, you're so cool. ifly
by Stars_And_Boulevards July 24, 2008
The abbreviation for I Fucking Love You. For people who are too intense to say ILY or just plain old I Love You!
Ashleo: Milano honey! How are you?
Milano: Hehehehe. Im good. Wbu?
Ashleo: Im great :)
Milano: IFLY Ashleo :) hehe
by imaWOODchuck. January 25, 2009
I Fucking Love You. Its a Better way then just saying ifly instead you can say I FLY!
Kellina: I FLY
Connell: I fly 2
by fan0fcs May 11, 2009
i fucking love you.

"thank you so much i.f.l.y"
by IflY ! November 25, 2008
it Means i Fucking Love You.! Yall.. Ect.
Man iFLY.! Yall Have My Back All The Time.
by Maqnificent Badd June 20, 2009
An acronym for the phrase "I fucking love you." Typically used by prisoners receiving hand jobs under the table during visiting hours, horny 8th graders and fans of the 80's rock band Whitesnake.
Erin, IFLY. Meet me in the first floor bathroom so I can finger you. Or,

I can't believe you traded an 8-ball for third row Ratt tickets. IFLY!
by Professor Foreplay May 03, 2009

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