In for later

Often said when browsing porn/drug/jailbait threads at work. The post subscribes a forum user to the thread so they may later check these threads in the comfort of their own homes with a box of tissues and lotion

Edit: I am disappoint...these jailbait pics were lame"
by zomg pwnies August 17, 2009
Top Definition
I Fucking Love Science

A phrase used When some new study/finding is just pure awesomeness.
Eg. Building new artificial hearts

Also used to describe the difference of religion and science
"Hey did you know that statistically at least one H2O molecule out of every glass you drink has passed thru dinosaur?"
by DaZe February 13, 2014
I feel like shit.
ahh, ifls today...
by Jarvis101415 September 07, 2010
I Fucking love summer
It's so hot outside, I'm gonna go swimming. IFLS!!
by kkts June 02, 2010
"I Fucking Love", often used on messageboards.

Boy: Mila Kunis is so hot, IFL her.
by jusbri December 15, 2008
Ifl is short for "I feel like..."
"Ifl you didn't wanna work there anyway"
by missylizzylucy May 05, 2010
A text message saying, "I'm fuckin loaded". This message is sent to all the people in one's cell phone's phone book when the person is drunk. This message is especially funny for recipients when received at some excessively late, or for that matter, early time in the night. This message is also funny when received on a weekday or night when this person should clearly be at work, or has work the next day.
Person 1: Hey, did you get that IFL from Ryan this morning?
Person 2: Yeah! I totally did! That was at like 5:00am!
by IFL-HQ, IFL Drinking Club February 06, 2008
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