Male species
"Men should be locked up underground and used to reproduction purposes only."
by Mercurial June 02, 2004
Somebody who does something incredibly stupid and is mentally capable of seeing that it is stupid.
Stop giving correct definitions on Urban Dictionary the thumbs down,you fucking idiot!
by never-you-mind November 23, 2007
a stupid person not capable of even reading this definition.
your mom is an idiot.
by Wolfensteiner November 02, 2007
Someone who shouts "Sand Niggers" at the Dahjarma (Turkish Police) whilst in Turkey.
Wilson was nearly shot by the sand niggers for being a idiot ;)
by DannyTheMan October 31, 2007
Obnoxious and stupid iPhone user
Did you hear that guy on the train typing into his iPhone, he's was so slow it was excruciating.

I know, turn those sounds off... what an iDiot
by bobonita October 18, 2007
Al Gore or John Kerry. Anyone that voted for one of those people.
Al Gore is an idiot
by Uncle Bob April 03, 2004
one who liiks up on
ur an idiot for being dum
by hahaha February 09, 2005

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