An icky is a creepy old guy who is always seen in the same spot (Mcdonalds, Walmart, A sidewalk, etc.) and hits on women, usually high school girls, though he sometimes goes for soccer moms.
How about we go to Mcdonalds for lunch?

Let's go to Burger King instead. Last time I was there an icky kept staring at me. It was sooo creepy.

Have you seen the icky who always rides the subway on Wednesdays?

Yeah, last week I gave him a fake cell phone number and told him my name was Stacie!
#icky #creepy #old #guy #ish #ewww #hit #pervert #pedophile
by j09brisbois February 03, 2008
Top Definition
Nasty little things.
There were ickies in her hairbrush, so I did not use it.
#ickies #ickys #grossums #gross #nasty
by anonoman50000 January 12, 2009
A word used to describe a situation when somebody is totally on somebodys elses nuts. When you hear someone who wont get off somebodys tip, you wait for them to finish what they are saying and then say "icky" in a really high pitch voice. It is meant to insenuate the sticky jiz in their throat that they should have from sucking that persons cock.
"Man, Joe is so swole he could bench press a house"
You respond with "icky" in a high pitch voice

#icky #tip #compliment #nuts #flatter #ghetto #obsessed
by Derrick Jerine April 12, 2007
East Coast equivalent of yucky
Her navel lint was icky.
by cornholio October 14, 2003
A creepy somebody, An odd or disgusting situation.
"watch out for that icky man" i.e not looking too great, watch out for him, he smells milky. usually used to generalize someone who is misunderstood, odd or is thought to be a pedophile in Lancashire. Usually a homeless person, ice cream man (that is too friendly) e.t.c
Or. you spilled milk on my pant's, "that's icky"
#gross #smelly #yuck #dirty #ice cream
by nineofnine July 23, 2009
Smelly buds that make your nose hairs fall off.
Smoke some sticky icky
by thug life November 18, 2003
Totally awesome; sick
I want that car! It's so icky!
#sick #rediculous #tight #ickey #sweet
by D fynit April 10, 2009
Somthing that is so awesome normal words escape you
Dude that new escillade is icky! HOW MUCH DID YOU PAY FOR IT?
#sick #cool #awesome #expensive #trendy
by Killer Bunnies February 23, 2008
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