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Icepick boxing was invented in 1818, during Sir John Franklin's first arctic expedition, as a way of rationing out quickly-shrinking supplies and to provide a sort of morbid amusement to break the bleak tedium of the freezing north. It spread from there, basically, and now enjoys a dedicated and growing group of enthusiasts world-wide.

The ring traditionally consists of a foot-high circle of snow placed on the ground, in a nod to the sport's roots. However, many variations, from boxing-ring style stages to lava moats, exist.

Contenders are covered in thick, mantled greatcoats, heavy pants, and steel-toed boots. Fancy hats are encouraged, but not required.
Hey, you guys? It's pretty chilly up here on Mt. Everest. We should start a round of icepick boxing to keep warm!
by Susan Paige September 07, 2007

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