mobile icecream salesman that hibernates during winter, though has some confused awakenings off-peak. a tacky chime breaks the eery silence that seems to preceed his visit. more adults than kids run to the van seeking a 99 and a gumball, or any kind of icecream with a chocolate flake, sprinkles, and red or green syrup.

a mysterious figure to adult and child alike, the icecream man is never seen in bodily entirity. filthy looking hands and you note not to eat the cone, but you do because it's dripping. almost certainly has big hairy arms and an aged, smudged tatoo of a swift on the back of his hand - are they all the same guy, like santa clause? do they belong to a not so secret or subtle guild? are they all striving to look like throwbacks from 1983 with their Chuckle Brothers/pub darts player from Swindon appearance, like Uncle Rico from Napolean Dynamite?

Who knows? by the time you've considerered all these things, your icecream will have melted and he'll have recklessly reversed and sped off in his yellow disney/supermario/pokemon adorned van with 'MIND THAT CHILD' on the back.
are tatoos of swifts obligatory for an icecream man?
by davetwocombs April 30, 2007
Top Definition
neighborhood coke dealer, nuthing less then kilos.
score a brick from the ice cream man.
by $PAZZ April 01, 2003
Drug Dealer.
Ice Cream is the code used to refer to the drug that is being sold, code is Only really necessary over the phone or in a public place.
At the shops: "Man, I'm hella down to get sum ice-cream."
Reply: "Yeah, fo sheezee! let's ring the Ice Cream Man."
Phonecall: "Hey man whatzup? I'm Jus' keen to come round and get sum Ice-Cream off yo'"
by Diego September 03, 2003
Icecream man: A drug dealer who deals in cocaine.
dont need an example for Icecream man
by mr36 April 04, 2007
when you use a condom while having sex, then once you have finished you freeze the used condom and beat her with it.
i did the ice-cream man with my girlfriend last night and broke her nose!

thats awesome!
by cristoe October 18, 2010
A person that invite kids in vans and homes by using icecream.aka R Kelly
a icecream man live across the steet stay away
by Jack whitney August 15, 2006
The coolest fucking person on the face of the Internet. He rocks faces.
You got pwned by the IceCreamMan!
by Russ August 17, 2004
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