i bet their retarded
wtf are they tking for, ibtr
by fat fat fatty February 21, 2004
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In before the Rickshaw
If one were to post something irrelevant, idiotic, or uninteresting on a certain message board, someone may declare 'ibtr' which would, in turn, be grounds for that specific post to be moved to a section on that message board dubbed 'Retard Rickshaw'.
by ChrisFromNC January 26, 2009
ignorant bible thumping racist(s). An increasingly influential, vocal, and regrettable component of the American cultural landscape. See also: Pat Robertson; Glenn Beck; et alii.
There's no such thing as an IBTR of good taste.
by GaSoLib February 26, 2011
its better than rooted
wow this lan is ibtr
by THE ONE JESUS January 10, 2004

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