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1. n : Bastardization of the word stemming from the Islamic name, "Eblis" - the principal evil jinni in Islamic mythology.

2. Anything posted online that makes one think, "Oh dear God, no,", or spontaneously causes blindness when viewed on a monitor or in printed format.

3. That which causes cankers on the eyeballs and cancers within the mind; anything that can be referenced to with the the sole intent of causing hysteria and/or madness within the recipient of the reference.
George viewed the iblis link with absolute horror: he had never before seen a pigmy ferociously molesting the nipples of a one-horned giraffe.
by ibbie August 21, 2004
1. A link to graphically violent, disgusting, or sexual web content.

2. A warning that the link provided should not be opened while at school, at work, or while children are present.
Sue mistakenly clicked the iblis link at work and got fired when her supervisor realized that she was looking at a picture of him fellatiating goats.
by JaNell Golden December 30, 2003
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