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Apple fanboys who know everything about the company from the first line of code on the first Macintosh's operating system to the colour of the inner walls of Steve Job's small intestine
"OMG, I cannot, CANNOT, beliiiiiieve that you still don't have an iPod yet."

"I kind of like my mp3 player dude. I can carry a spare battery around with me in case it runs out and you can't do that with an iPod right?"

"OMG, OMG! Do you know anything about lithium-ion batteries or are you just trying to be cool? Apple bashing is so cool now right? Just get a fucking iPod and an iPhone like uuuuurverybody else."

"Look, iSpod, it's not cute anymore. I'm sick of you sticking your iPhone in my face and showing me some lame app that was seemingly designed by a twelve year old retarded kid. I'm sick of you holding up your iPad in the middle of town and shouting about how cool augmented reality is whilst running about like a fairy. And I'm sick of the sound leak from your shitty, white Apple brand head phones. So. Just. FUCK! OFF!!!!"

"OMG, like whatever."

by H.S. Willsy August 25, 2011
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Someone who actually believes that owning an Ipod has changed his life for the better, and makes it his mission to convert others to his cause.
Tom's become a total i-spod, man
by lozza December 14, 2004
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Somebody who doesn't stop talking about how the iPod has changed their life. OCD.
John has become a real isPod lately
by Piaras Kelly May 06, 2004
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