People who are so obsessed with their Apple products that they always have to shove it in your face. They always refer to their cell phone as their iphone and their lap top as their Mac. They might as well worship Steve Jobs as the savior of their pompous race.
I don't know how to get to the Olive Garden.
Oh don't worry, I'll just look up directions on my iPhone.
Get out of my car.
I don't associate with iPeople

You know if you had a Mac, you wouldn't get viruses.
by JMoneyThaIllest August 10, 2010
Top Definition
People who are so consumed in their iPod culture that they never are actually seen without earbuds in their ear, and an iPod proudly displayed.
Mark:"Dude, does John still have his earbuds in?"
Matt:"Dude, John is one of those iPeople. I heard he hasn't actually taken them out since 2002.
by Erik Belsaas March 14, 2006
A person who has fallen into Apple's iTrap, where by releasing somethin, and then re-releasing the exact same product with minor upgrades, people will effectively buy the same product multiple times:
iPod-->iPod Mini-->iPod Shuffle-->ipod Colour-->iPod Video
Tom: Hey i just bought an iPod mini!
Me: Why? You already have an iPod, and iPod Shuffle and an iPod Colour
Tom:...I...I don't know, i can't stop

by gri-unit soldier October 29, 2005
A: A person with downs syndrome or any other learning disability that results in limited mental capacity.

B: An ignorant faggot that uses apple brand electronics.
That iPerson just shat their pants!!
by motorboatsoundmachine December 05, 2011
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