A 7.9-inch of the popular iPad. Despite having a low-res screen (1024x768) and a two-generation old dual-core processor (Apple A5-1 GHz), it miraculously gets five-star reviews from people.
Apple Fan: OMG! I got teh ipad mini!
Normal Person: Why didn't you save $100 and get a kindle, nook, or nexus?
Apple Fan: It's Apple!!!!!
Normal Person: Buys $200 tablet
by Anonymous 323829 March 02, 2013
Top Definition
The iPod touch. That's all it is.
Stop playing with ur iPad Mini.
by Wedgemeister April 07, 2010
Something the asians probably invented
"who made the iPad mini?!"
"I dont know, probably the asians"
by DANGERTITS March 27, 2013
Created by the "genius" himself, Steve Jobs. Obviously, one of the most amazing pieces of kit to be created in the last decade, the "iPad Mini" was introduced just after the creation of the iPod Touch, not to be mistaken as of their 'slight' similarities.
Dude One: "Omg check out my iPad Mini."
Dude Two: "You fail, oh so hard..."
by Paradox. April 12, 2010
1: A miniature iPad that gets a bad rap.

2: A thing that gets a bad rap.
1. Nathaniel: I just got an iPad Mini!

Alan: Loser. Might as well be a iPod Touch!

Nathaniel: It is much bigger than an iPod Touch, and has the second-longest battery life in all of the 5-8 inch tablets.

Alan: Second?

Nathaniel: Galaxy Note II.

Alan: Ah. Well.... hmm.
by TopherGopher April 28, 2013

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