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The infamous iMMGoD also known as Jesse Terry is a well known on the internet. He is known for being a successful hacker, and an Xbox 360 Gamer. He has also been known for hanging around aKa Frosty, BLACKOUT, XBL Number One Swatter, GeretSmith iTzLuPo and others. iMMGoD is browses 4Chan's infamous /b/ board daily also. It has said that he has a 22,000 bot net and is famous for kicking scrubs offline. He has put in over 6 thousand games on Halo 3 alone. He is decent at playing Call of Duty.
Guy1: Aye man, have you heard about this iMMGoD kid?
Guy2: Yeah man, I was playing with him on Halo 3 the other night.
Guy1: Seriously?

Guy2: Yeah, I'm not even lying. He kicked me offline.
Guy1: :(
by Anonymous B User January 25, 2011

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